Home Clinic location in Yorkville, SW

Donna is operating inFuzion Massage Therapy out of her home just south of Silverado in the new community of Yorkville....


222 Yorkville Mannor SW, Calgary, AB, T2X 4J7

(403) 390-0809 Cell

**Direct Billing for Massage to all major insurers available**


Come visit Donna at her new location.  This new home clinic is in a private walk-out overlooking the pond in the newest Mattamy community of Yorkville.  Click the link in the upper left corner of the photo to see the 10 year plan for this new SW community!

I utilize cupping, deep tissue and hot stone massage to elicit a wide range of therapeutic outcomes. Enjoy our warm atmosphere with soothing essential oils diffused into the treatment area.

Health and Healing


Why not book a facial massage.   Its a full hour of skin pampering, with healthy skin products.


You get the benefits of a registered massage therapist who can work on lymph drainage, TMJ with gua sha, facial cupping and therapeutic massage techniques.  


In addition you enjoy the extra benefits of hot towels, steam and aromatherapy....Enjoy a facial massage today!

My Services

Therapeutic Hot Stones

Firm pressure massage addressing areas of concern with TrPs release, X-fibre friction and muscle stripping.

Dynamic Cupping

Tissue remodelling through decompressive cupping techniques that hydrate fascia and release adhesions.

FACIAL Massage

Using Dermalogica and NDA products, hot towels/steam, facial cups, gua sha and facial massage, enjoy a 60 minute facial massage for $95..... (claimable)


Includes cleanse, masque, moisturizer, HA/B5 serum (Mx, Cupping Gua Sha)

Prenatal & Fertility Massage

Relive pressure along hips, ribs, shoulders and reduce swelling in ankles and knees during pregnancy.  Feel weightless "baby lift" technique on low back and enjoy YOU time


Fertility massage with Castor oil abdominal massage to release adhesions and improve blood flow...rounded out with full body massage using stones and cupping 

Orthopaedic Assessment

Part of each massage is informed orthopaedic assessment of ROM, soft tissue and capsular joint concerns.

Warm Aromatherapy Detox

Aroma detox therapy


A full hour massage therapy tailored to your needs with 10 essential oils and blends to stimulate overall wellbeing

Cranial Sacral

We are now certified in Cranial Sacral Massage with Upledger Institute!  This therapy targets TMJ, headaches and more.  It gently resets the Cranial-Sacral Rhythym and may involve slight adjustments to the cranial bone also


Add on a 15 minute warm bamboo foot treatment

warm bamboo stimulating the foot pressure points

Business Hours:

Monday:  9:00 am - 8:00 pm
Tuesday  9:00 am - 3:00pm
Wednesday:  9:00 am - 8:00pm
Thursday:  9:00 am - 3:00pm
Friday:  4:00 pm - 8:00pm
Saturdays:  9:00 am - 5:00pm
Altenate Sundays:  9:00 am  - 5::00pm

Clinic Location:

222 Yorkville Manor SW


Add on Bamboo Deep tissue/Foot work for $20 a session (extra 15 minutes)


A 60 minute Dermalogica Facial massage for $95.  Fully claimable.  Cleanse with steam & Mx, NDA yang ylang/orange mineral masque (10min), moisturize, and 1%HA/B5 eye serum...gua sha/TMJ etc.

Direct billing for Massage Services

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