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Add on Warm Bamboo for deep tissue and feet


60 minute hot stone/cupping therapeutic massage

Hot stone gets to tight areas like neck and back with heat and pressure Myofascial cupping gets to IT band on side of leg, low back and helps with scar reduction over time

60 Minute, $100

90 minute hot stone/cupping therapeutic massage

Hot stones work tight neck and back areas with heat and pressure Myofascial cupping gets to harder areas such S the IT band on sides of legs, low back and may reduce scar tissue

90 Minute, $145

90 Minute AromaDetox Massage

Enjoy the benefits of the highest quality essential oils blended with coconut oil massaged along the spine and into the entire body.  Your massage is tailored to your preferences, we stimulate the lymph system with dry brushing, apply the essential oils, use heat and pressure points on the feet and finish with the head neck and shoulders.  

90 Minute $155

30 minute infrared Sauna Massage Packages

INTRODUCTORY OFFER! (starting mid march 2022)


BOOK a 60 ($100) or 90 ($145) minute massage with a private 30 minute Infrared Sauna prior to treatment......JUST $30 add on to treatment.


Infrared Sauna warms the body from within to increase core temperature (increasing blood circulation); promoting toxin release (detox) and in the deep muscles. Followed by massage, those toxins are more readily released by the body leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized



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