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Add on Warm Bamboo for deep tissue and feet


60 minute hot stone/cupping therapeutic massage

Hot stone gets to tight areas like neck and back with heat and pressure Myofascial cupping gets to IT band on side of leg, low back and helps with scar reduction over time

60 Minute, $95

90 minute hot stone/cupping therapeutic massage

Hot stones work tight neck and back areas with heat and pressure Myofascial cupping gets to harder areas such S the IT band on sides of legs, low back and may reduce scar tissue

90 Minute, $125

60 minute pre/postnatal massage or Fertility Massage

Enjoy the comfort of specially designed pregnancy pillows that support your growing form while experiencing a much needed full body massage.  Donna will incorporate hot stones to calm the nervous system, cranial sacral to ensure proper functioning of the CNS  Fertility massage focuses on bringing blood flow to the abdominal area, frictions around the pelvic girdle and pressure points along the bladder meridian to open the fertility system in your body

Thai table with warm bamboo foot massage

Need to increase flexibility and mobility...try Thai massage which is like "Facilitated Yoga".  Stay clothes in stretchy athletic wear and get ready to release some tension and stretch like you've never stretched before.

90 minutes, $150

Orthopaedic Massage/Osteo Techniques

Full Orthopaedic Assessment of ROM to develop a plan which addresses long standing pain and restriction.  Cranial Sacral, Osteo techniques and Silicone cupping will be incorporated into the massage as needed to bring the client to an overall state of well being.

60 Minutes, $95

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Donna Jacobson, RMT

55 Somervale Place SW


Cranial Sacral Massage  **NEW**

Osteopathic Manual Techniques **NEW**


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