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I am a born again christian who was saved back in 1997.  My life was radically transformed from depression and aching loneliness when I became a daughter of the King and child of GOD.  Seeking more of the presence of the Holy Spirit to enable us to live empowered.



I have witnessed my husbands transformation from the weight of divorce and hopelessness to a life of power and LOVE.  We lift up the name of Jesus and His Joy pervades every part of our lives, including our practice as Massage therapists and Osteopathic Manual Practitioners.


Donna Jacobson

inFuZion Massage Therapy


Registered Massage Therapist, RMT



2,200 hour RMT registered with CMMOTA and graduate of MH Vicars school of massage.  Specializing in hot stone, cupping, Thai table stretches, cranial and visceral...BOOK ONLINE

 Christopher Jacobson


Osteopathic Manual Practitioner, D.O.

Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)



2,200 hour RMT and Osteopathic Manual Practitioner with a doctorate in Osteopathy through NUMS(S).  Cranial Sacral Teaching Assistant with the Upledger Institute.  Specializing in Orthopaedic Massage incorporating Osteo, visceral and Cranial techniques...BOOK ONLINE


Lower your blood pressure and come say hi to our latest addition......Teja, our new Service Dog in training born Nov-15, 2020.


The consummate middle child.  He's not the biggest or the smallest or the loudest or the cutest, he just is who he is.  And who is that, really?  He is an amazingly special little guy.  For one, he is the best at sitting and waiting for his dinner or treats.  He likes to watch puppy fights from a safe place, and then join in with a bunny hop right on top of the pile.  He is very playful but knows how to stop when things get rough.  His favourite game is giving cheek kisses on demand.  Just ask nicely and he'll keep going forever.

Zoe Strong, puppy whelper, Vcr


We still have our wonderful Benaiah He is officially registered as a therapy dog and has turned 2-1/2.!  He is a lab/shepherd cross and was adopted from AARCs at 3 months.  He loves to run 10ks with his daddy and teach our guide dogs how to PLAY.  He LOVES bum rubs, pats and snuggles.


**Jace has graduated to advanced training and will be spending the first 6 months of 2021 learning to be an autism support dog in Vancouver.  Look for updates as his training progresses


inFuZion Massage Therapy, Donna Jacobson, RMT, (403)390-0809

Masters Massage & Osteopathy, Christopher Jacobson, D.O., RMT, Cold Laser (403)660-9838

Benaiah, Therapy Dog and Teja, the service dog (in training)

Oscar, Clinic Cat

Our Zebra Finch Gang


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