AromaDetox massage · 20. June 2021
Essential Oils as Healers
Using Traditional Lakota methods, AromaDetox massage includes anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial essential oils such as Marjoram, Basil, Oregano, Thyme. They are massaged into the spine, feet and hands to kill bacteria and reduce swelling leaving the body to detoxify itself
18. June 2020
Clients choosing home clinics over larger leased's some of the reasons why.
17. July 2019
Matt Embry is a Calgary native who has been living with MS symptom free for 20 years. He and his father developed a regimen of diet, vitamin D, exercise and CCSVI (vascular restriction treatment) that changed the outcome of his diagnosis at the age of 19
01. November 2018
Paediatric Cranial can help misshapen head at birth, colic, constipation and troubles latching for nursing
12. June 2017
Many headache sufferers and people with tight neck and shoulders will benefit from simple at home muscle co-ordination exercises
07. June 2017
Restore movement to nourish and regenerate discs so the bone spurs or stenosis can be resorbed by the body and normal movement can be reestablished
12. May 2017
Functional movement and strengthening exercises to correct an idiopathic scoliosis
24. April 2017
An increasingly common and painful condition, commonly associated with dietary intolerance & stress, and has associated psychological consequences.
13. April 2017
A very simple, easy and effective stretch using a chair, bench, or stair. Make sure your back is straight and your chin is up as you lean forward.
08. April 2017
May involve moving joints back into place by applying a gently guided vectored force

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