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Multiple Sclerosis

Calgary's own Matt Embry was diagnosed with MS 20 years ago, and has staved off progressive symptoms WITHOUT MEDICATION.  He and his father researched his diagnosis and through STRICT DIETARY control, Vitamin D, exercise and a treatment to reduce Vascular Restriction Matt is symptom free to this day.  Please visit his site or his father's original site for vital information if you are an MS sufferer.  There is also an organization called the "MS Fitness Challenge" that helps people with MS regain mobility and strength WITHOUT MEDICATION.  See their site for more information.  Be your own advocate and avoid pharmaceuticals that have no impact on your disease outcome.  Diet and Lifestyle are likely the solution to many auto-immune disorders BUT because a quick fix pill is often easier and billion dollar marketing campaigns give false hope, people are lulled into a no results medication dependant life of symptomology and NO control.