Home clinic vs. leased space

Why are clients attracted to home based massage locations?  Well, they are homey, personalized, non-clinical, flexible and client centred.


At a home the practitioner has the autonomy to provide just what the client needs.  We are able to be flexible with appointments, add on extras, extend time and loan equipment such as pregnancy cushions.  Many home clinics are brightly appointed walk out basements with a serene "away from the city" feel.  The practitioners have the extra time to chat with the client, provide additional modalities and comforts at no extra cost.


During covid-19, home based locations are ideal because of the ability to leave plenty of time between appointments, adhere to strict laundry and cleaning protocols as well as meet the unique needs of their clients treatment preferences.  Many clients want to add on a modality; throw in hot stones, cups or bamboo foot treatments; try new creams and lotions; without incurring the "add on" costs of most "leased space clinics".


With the familiar feel of knowing your practitioner well and that they are highly trained professionals using all their skills and years of experience to focus on you!.  There is a lot to be said of the wonderful longevity and continuity of seeing the same therapist at their home vs. fitting into the "leased space" schedule and time line.